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From strangers to friends/It’s party time in Denver

The other day I took my fixed gear bike out for a ride to the
Environmental Learning center.

It’s a nice ride – you go past a lot of parks and water follows
you the whole way along the bike trail.

The “fixie” I rode was purchased a year ago on Craigslist, and
from what I can tell, it pretty much is assembled out of used
parts dating back to the early 1970s.  Why not?  I had told
myself, when the time came to purchase this bike.

So there I am, about 7 miles from home, cruising along, when my
left crank starts to wobble.  Uh oh, I’m thinking.

Nothing worse than being caught a long way from home with a
broken bike.  Oh, and I forgot to mention – there were dark rain
clouds building up too.

Sure enough, the crank falls off, and there I am caught on the
side of the trail, examining the situation.

Not sure if you’ve ever ridden a fixed gear bike.  They’re
weird.  You can’t stop pedaling and coast.  You just have to
crank and crank and crank.

Oddly enough, this was a good thing for my situation!  I ended
up looking a little strange, as I rode past a group of 20 or so
kids, pumping away with my right leg, and letting my left leg

Well, after a couple of miles of this, I grew tired and decided
to walk.

I went through an alley, past some backyard gardens, and came
out in front of a house where an insurance guy was finishing a
sales call.

“Hey, do you need a ride?” He called out.

I looked over, and he drove a Subaru Forester with a bike rack
on top.  My kind of guy.

“I don’t need one, but I’ll take one!”

So this nice gentleman, Bob Smith, of all names, became my new
best friend.

He drove me to the bike shop, they fixed me up, and I was on my

Moral of the story:  You never know when a stranger will become
your friend.

Reach for the top,

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new friend, you’d better work with the expert in delivering the
results – Wally the Web Guy.

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Hello!  My email provider told me that there were some delivery
problems yesterday.  If you already received this – feel free
to hit your delete key.  If not, enjoy!

It’s party time in Denver

I just got back in town from a weekend trip to Tampa, Florida.

While I was down there, I was fortunate enough to rub elbows
with some of the internet’s finest marketers, and share and
learn some more “tricks of the trade”.

Then I returned to Denver yesterday morning, and lo and behold,
it’s party time downtown.  Party as in “Democratic Party”.

By now you’ve probably figured out that Denver is hosting the
Democratic National Convention this year, so there
are people everywhere – people in blue suits looking official,
people holding Hillary signs walking one way, people holding
McCain signs the other way, and of course a lot of Barack and
Roll Obama stuff.

I love a good buzz, and the people coming out everywhere to
share in a little old fashioned democracy definitely create a

These are pretty exciting times, with the Olympics barely in
the rearview mirror and the DNC happening this week, and one
thing in particular caught my eye.  We’re a competitive bunch,
us human beings!

According to some, China won the most gold medals in the
Olympics, so they won the medal count.  Others will tell you
that the Americans won, because they won the most medals

Then you hear, almost every day, where the race for the
presidency stands.  The O man is up by three points.  The old
soldier is closing in fast now that he started running more
ads.  And all this good stuff – its an old fashioned horse race.

It proves to me though, how important it is to measure your
success.  And there are different ways of doing it.

Some people measure their success by how much money they make.
Others by how much time they spend with family.  Some by
how many Alaskan fishing trips they get to take.  They’re all
pretty good in my opinion.

The key thing is to define your own success, then measure it.

That way, you’ll be sure to get there.

If you’re ready to get the party started, measure your success
and take it to a higher level, then check this out.

Reach for the top,

P.S. — You won’t hear this on the news, but there’s a spot
near the convention called “Meditate 08”.  It’s a place to sit
and be still with others, like the eye of a hurricane!

P.P.S. — You’ll feel calm and collected after you get the
results from signing up for my new visual statistics package here.

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